Test Scene Release

Check out the release of our much-anticipated, Kickstarter-funded, Test Scene on our newly re-designed website/project blog, here: http://narrowroadmovie.com/

Our Hero, Dave

As the Test Scene release date approaches (more news on that VERY soon), we decided it would be nice to introduce you (again), to the guy who has stepped in to help us polish our edit and handle visual effects: David Holechek.

Dave is great and his work on THE NARROW ROAD will speak for itself, but check out some of Dave’s other work, including his recent short film project, “A Finger, Two Dots, Then Me” which is making its way through the festival circuit and raking in awards. If this flawless video of Derrick Brown’s poem doesn’t pull on your heart-strings, see your doctor because you might be made of tin.

Also, check out the trailer for another of Dave’s recent projects, Temazcal:

‘Temazcal’ Trailer from David Holechek on Vimeo.

Dave and his team are, and will continue to be, huge assets to the NARROW ROAD team!

Domingo DeGrazia hard at work!

Overdue Update

Hello NARROW ROAD fans!

Our apologies for the long-delayed project update, but things are still going very well! When working with such a tiny budget on an epic project like this, we want to make sure that everything is perfect and that’s resulted in more time than expected, but we don’t think you’ll be disappointed! We’re still working on the edit, but we’re in the final stages and promise that we’ll have something you show you all VERY soon. Please stay tuned for more updates on how you can help us make sure that this test scene is seen by as many people as possible.

As for the incentives–they’re ready to ship! Actually, they have been for a while now. However, because of the nature of some of the incentives (film scripts, in particular), we’d prefer to wait until release day to send them out unless there are any objections.

In the meantime, we appreciate your continued patience and promise that we’ll be in more regular contact now that we’re climbing back out from under the toughest parts of this edit.

Thank you,
Erik and the Narrow Road team

Test scene update

Editor Phillip Loeb turned in a great first cut of the NARROW ROAD test scene last night. Great work, Phil, and thanks for all your hard work! The next step is to tighten the edit, then get it into the hands of our audio, visual effects, and music guys. We’re getting there!

New graphic novel pages

As many of you know, we’re also developing a graphic novelization of THE NARROW ROAD script. Jayaraj Paul is our artist heading up this project, and he’s just finished penciling the first three pages. Check out Jayaraj’s work!

Behind-the-scenes photos

Here are more photos from our test shoot! Photos are by Crystal Peabody.

Screen Captures

That’s a wrap!

After a very long weekend with an amazing cast and crew, THE NARROW ROAD test scene is one step closer to its world premiere! We’re still working hard and will post more images soon, but here’s a taste of what’s in store.

T Minus ONE WEEK and Counting!

One week until our big test shoot! Here’s a taste of things to come: